Clinton County Historical Society Timeline

  • Sept 15, 1921
    • The Clinton County Historical Society was established.
  • March 19, 1976
    • CCHSM  incorporated.
  • Circa 1980
    • The Historical Museum was given a permanent home. Prior to Old Stoney, artifact were housed in the attic of the courthouse and later on the basement level (now first floor) where the Commissioners office is now located (2003).
  • June 1980
    • The museum occupied three rooms on the second floor of Old Stoney
  • Circa 1991
    • A major fund raising campaign began for an elevator in Old Stoney.
  • January 4,1994 
    The Society established new by-laws and a Board of Directors         became the governing body for the organization.
  • April 1996  Historical Society  is given a 99 year lease for the second floor of Old Stoney
  • October 1997
    Foundation for restoring and repairing three telephones and a telephone switchboard from the former Geetingsville telephone company
  • 1997-1999
    The renovation of  established the Museum in 8,500 sq. ft. ( second floor.)
  • 1998
    Donation from Helen Derrick Woodruff Smith  made possible the 20-seat schoolroom completed in 1999.
  • 1998
    The Archives were established combining the Ruch Memorial Library (donation from Ruth Derrick Ruch  and  some archives from the courthouse.
  • Sept 14, 1999
    Open House was extended to County Elementary Teachers and Middle School Teachers and Home Schoolers to visit the.  Museum to see what could be offered to the students in the County.

    • 1999
    • Clinton County Historical Society and Museum posts it’s first Internet website
  • 1999        
    $50,000.00 Grant from the Lilly Foundation was given to the Society for the museum complex
  • October 1999
    • A Grant of $1,500 from the Clinton County Community Foundation was given to the Sycamore Girl Scout Council in collaboration with the Clinton County Historical Society and Historical Museum   the projects of Docent training, needle craft and Oral histories of Clinton County.  The Girls  have an opportunity to learn first hand the history of Clinton County  residents at the same time preserve the rich heritage of the county.
    • Book Signing for Robert Bracken “Straws In The Wind” Lifetime collections of writings & “State Side” A Time Capsule of World War II Third Service Command United States Army.
  • September 14, 2002
    • New redesigned Website is posted
  • September 21, 2002
    • CCHSM Open House
    • Recognizing contributions of Volunteers
  • July 2003
    Historical Society signs contract with Turner Publishing Company for County Pictorial and Family History Book.  The   book will include a music CD with samples music from the Counties many musical residents past and present